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A third of all hotel rooms are empty on any given night. It’s in a hotel operator’s best interest to offer special rates for last-minute travelers who can reduce the amount of lost income. Spontaneous hotel booking has become so popular in recent years, a number of websites and apps specialize in the market of travelers looking for a hotel tonight – or at least this week.

The definition of “last-minute” booking has evolved to a seven-day window, rather than an “after 3 p.m.” reservation for most travel sites. You can expect to save up to 30-40 percent, particularly in larger markets like New York City if you wait to book until a few days before check-in time.

Why Book Hotels Last Minute?

Advantages of opting to book hotels at the last minute include:

  • The excitement of not knowing where you’ll end up – possibly in a destination you wouldn’t have considered.
  • Foregoing the stress of travel planning, researching, and organizing – instead, simply going with the flow.
  • Saving loads of money or finding it possible to stay in a really posh suite at bargain bin pricing.

When Should You Book A Hotel Last-Minute To Maximize Savings?

It can be complicated to figure out the best possible timing for last-minute hotel discounts. Consider this:

  • Hotel managers have been known to alter rates 20-30 times a day to attract potential guests for the week.
  • According to TripAdvisor, the best time to book hotels for summer travel is one month before you leave.
  • Booking a month before you travel in the summer months will save you about 15% over peak rates.
  • It’s best waiting to book hotels in Boston, Orlando, San Diego, Vegas, Miami, NYC, Philly, San Fran and DC.
  • It’s usually best to book Europe early – except for London or Paris in August, ideally five weeks out.
  • A study by SAP Concur found that the lowest rates are found 0-3 days out – seven days at the latest.
  • However, that same study also found inventory is drastically reduced, as most rooms are booked 15-30 days out.

Cons of Hotel Booking Last Minute

Last-minute hotel booking is not for everyone. You could risk being unable to find anything that meets your standard criteria. You might roll into town during a busy time where bookings are near-capacity and find the prices have not gone down at all. Booking in advance gives you the best selection of inventory if you have a list of specific amenities you need in a hotel.

Sites to Book a Hotel Tonight

There are loads of places to book a hotel tonight – Priceline (via Express Deals), HotelTonight,, Expedia, Kayak, One Night,, HotelQuickly, Secret Escapes, and the Last Minute Travel app. But why download apps onto your phone or open 20 different browser windows, when we search the systems of all these sites and apps for you?

Book Now With

At, we let you book any time you want, but let you know about last-minute deals and offers from all the major booking sites, too. It’s easy and free to use our site. Another great feature for last-minute travelers is the ability to narrow your search to rooms with the option to book online now and pay later at check-in. If you’re looking for a hotel now, you’ll tap over 200 online hotel booking systems, with the flexibility to choose from B&Bs, guest houses, hostels, motels, resorts, apartments, and villas. Many of the featured properties come with free perks like breakfast, WiFi, and/or parking. You’ll receive aggregated data from the various hotel booking sites, including photos, descriptions, and guest reviews. Search hotels on a map to stay exactly where you need to. Try it out and book now – with no regrets.

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